Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Great Gift Idea – by How To Be Mobile

How to Be Mobile is a website guide to show you the "How-To's" for your notebooks, mobile devices, and mini-notes. The have done a wonderful post on "How to Put Yourself on a Front Cover," using screen shots of how to create a personalized magazine cover! Take a moment to read their review as they did a very thorough job at explaining how to create a YourCover.

"Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be you – a good photo of a friend or family member would also make a great cover for use as a gift – but the online design system offered by is certainly quick and easy to use, and can result in a pretty professional-looking end product.
Once you’ve designed your cover there are a range of options to display it. You can have it emailed and print it out by yourself (US$14.95), or have print it on glossy paper and frame it for you (from about US$45 – 60 depending on frame type). There’s even the option of getting it put onto posters, mugs, mouse pads or t-shirts.....(Read More)"

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