Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plan Your Special Event With YourCover!

Planning a Special Event? Perhaps it is the grand opening of your new store or the 40th anniversary of an historical event in your town or even just a “Girl’s Weekend Away”. Whatever you are planning, you can make it memorable with a personalized magazine cover from YourCover. Use our free online design tool to upload a photo to the front cover, and then personalize each headline to be specifically about the event/person/people being celebrated.

There are several ways to use the cover – give it away as a memento to all of your guests, purchase the cover as a poster and use it as a decoration or sign in board at your party, frame it and use it as a table centerpiece, give it as a gift to each participant, have it printed on a t-shirt or mouse pad as a keepsake for your guests, place one in the welcome basket or gift bag in guest’s hotel rooms or at the party, hand it out as people enter or exit your event. However you want to use YourCover, it will add distinction to your special event.

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