Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding By Color - Great Blog Post

We just love all those bride-to-be's out there who are reviewing YourCover. We think using a YourCover personalized magazine cover as a wedding favor or table centerpiece for a wedding is really unique. It gives the guests an opportunity to get to know a bit more about you. It breaks the ice at the table as people read the cover and compare how they know you. Other fun uses for a personalized wedding magazine cover are to put one in the rooms of overnight guests at the hotel or to give them out at the bridal shower.

Once again, thanks so much to bridetobe0309 who wrote about YourCover in her blog. Below is a snippet from her posting, click on "read more" at the end to continue reading.

"How Cute...
Your own wedding magazine
At you can personalize a magazine cover and back. The mainpage shows them being framed. How cute is this?? U even get to pick the headlines..." (read more)

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